Erin Warren is a long time fitness fanatic who is on a never ending mission to discover challenging, innovative, and energetic workouts that revolutionize fitness standards that benefit the mind, body, and soul. She has a background of 15 years experience in softball, soccer, and dance (tap, ballet, and jazz). She studied under the Dance Factory in Orange County.  Erin has been a master personal trainer and coach of 15+ years with over 7500 sessions serviced which included all types of clientele from seniors, teens, weight-loss, rehab, and athletes.  Upon being introduced to pilates she was hooked and promptly obtained her Lagree Fitness Certification. Erin’s love of fitness and health inspired her to own her own studio one day with intention of inspiring and motivating others to achieve their fitness goals to live a holistically happier, healthier lifestyle.

I’m beyond ecstatic to begin this new adventure and share my passion for pilates. Pure mind. Pure Body. Pure Soul.

-Erin, Contact me