The Method

We take Joseph Pilates holistic approach to the next level at Pure Pilates. Our method combines the philosophy of core strength, flexibility, and spatial awareness with intense resistance training and cardio bursts to achieve maximum results in minimal time. Our classes are designed to promote uniform development of the mind, body, and soul focusing on breathing control, muscle toning, elongation, and endurance. Innovative instructors guide you through a challenging sequence on Megaformer equipment safely and effectively. Pure Pilates' full body integrated process is an ambitious, muscle-fatiguing, results-driven workout that is guaranteed to strengthen and purify the mind, body, and soul.



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Pure Pilates

Pure Pilates

Pure Pilates classes are designed to invigorate the mind and body through a system of controlled efficient movements. We fuse isometrics with fluid exercises to lengthen and create strength in the muscular and skeletal systems while simultaneously concentrating on breath